80% of websites fail. But yours will not if Webvalley builds it

8.5 million hits per month on our client websites
3.2 million lines of code from the keyboards of our developers
20 large custom-built web applications
24 hour response time
18 masters of conversion, graphics and code on our team

We build sales websites, online applications and portals that can handle the pressure of millions of users each month.

Usually, we start small. Your website then grows gradually so your investment at each stage shows a return straightaway.

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We will find a business model that will make you money

Do you have a clear idea how to monetize your project to its full earning potential? Are you looking in the right direction? We'll share with you what we have learned about online business, discuss your options and together select the best monetization model.


We will make your website stand out with a design that your target group will fall in love with

Editing graphics can increase website conversion rate by as much as 32%. How come? It may only be necessary to change something as simple as the background to be more in tune with the content of the page. The design of the site is the first thing that users notice. But before we go to work, our graphics and UX teams will draft a prototype and test it on real users first. Then we will test it with the final graphics. We will provide you with a credible and responsive website.


We can create video that engages users

When we added video to one site, the conversion rate increased by more than 30% compared to the static sales page. A well made video will make users trust your site. Most importantly - it will increase sales. We will create the video, test and optimize it to yield maximum sales for you.


We will link programmed features to web applications

Before we start the project we'll discuss your goals. We will prepare the infrastructure and the technology. Our development team has over 3 million lines of code under its belt and thanks to oue own framework, development time is cut to a minimum. Premium user sections, protected download files, videos, newsletter campaigns linked to your continuity programs, in-depth analytics or secure online payments. Anything your project needs.


We run, test, and test some more

What most web developer companies produce as a final product, Webvalley uses as a starting point. Are your users able to control the site, do they follow through with making an order, do they understand everything? User testing quickly detects errors that may cost you up to 30% of potential sales. Of course, we also test the quality of the application code, the speed pages load and if the site displays correctly on all browsers and devices.


We will put it on our server and maintain it

We have more than thirty servers at our disposal, serving 8.5 million visitors each month. Whenever there is a slowdown, outage or attempted attack, we have everything under control within two minutes. We deploy your application on our server and maintain it. We guarantee to handle your requests within 24 hours (usually takes less than 8 hours actually), so we put your mind at ease by making sure your site runs smoothly. And if your website goes down we know it within 2 minutes, so it can get fixed asap.


We provide user support for your customers

Sales site conversions also greatly benefit from online customer support. Larger projects with millions of visits are usually assigned their own team who will provide customer support to your customers. This enables us to respond to their questions, technical problems and demands as required. You take care of the sales coming from your funnels, we will handle the frustrations of your clients.

How do Webvalley websites perform?
We have the numbers for you.
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What will your Webvalley website look like?

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it will run non-stop and fulfill the objectives of your business model. By means of long-term testing and optimization, your sales will continue to grow.

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online payments, login, premium content and user data are safe and encrypted. When an application is running on our servers, it is protected from hacker attacks.

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quality code enables pages to load on all devices within 4 seconds. Otherwise, your site could lose up to 25% of its visitors. We test this for you.

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your website is based on a development framework, which does not limit further upgrades, expansion, or the gradual addition of features and customization. Otherwise, it would quickly become out-of-date.

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Optimized to handle traffic

it can handle several million users per month or more if that’s what you need. At the start of the project this may not be needed, but you need to plan out for future expansion right from the start.

Websites must make money or they get old and dusty

„We do not make websites just to be looked at, or to win web design competitions. We build them to achieve the maximum possible conversion rate and to make your brand stick out from the competition. Web design is as important as its content and will be judged by the results of testing and increased conversions. Because sales and customers are what websites are all about.“

Vojtěch Bruzek • SENIOR DESIGNER

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