30% of potential sales. That’s how much you could be losing. We can change that

35% The average conversion rate increase in 3 months
50% of traffic is usually sent to A/B tests
12 critical errors found through testing
24 hour response time
25% million users returned to the website after their first abandonment of the site

We analyze, test and optimize websites and mobile applications

Every year, people spend 23% more money on the internet than the previous year. We will take full advantage of this for your website or mobile app.

I want to increase my sales

We analyze user behaviour

67.45% of potential sales usually end one step before order confirmation. What do users on your website or an application do, where and why do they click, how do they navigate the pages and where do they go? We will find out why you are missing out on conversions. We use motion-tracking tools, heatmaps and advanced analytical tools. If you’d like, we will present you with the analysis in one convenient tool.

We employ user testing

By utilizing user testing we have tracked down 102 critical errors which you may have otherwise missed. Do your visitors understand the layout, do they know where to click, where will they navigate to, do they understand the content? Are your sales items trusted or is there something lacking? Websites and applications are user tested early on, when creating the actual design and then as necessary during operation.

We're checking all the options with A/B testing

A mere change of a button can decrease conversion by 30%. On the other hand, editing the background of the page can increase the conversion rate by 32%. One website even brought more conversions than its desktop version. Therefore, we check each change with A/B testing, or multi-option testing on at least 50% of the traffic so that any decrease will not cost you conversions.

We optimize not only sales performance

80% of websites fail due to bad navigation, low traffic or untrusted content, while 25% of users leave if the page does not load within four seconds. We optimize websites and applications to load faster, be easily manageable and bring you more profit. Every change is tested. When it comes to that, we provide you with technology that can handle Super Bowl traffic loads.

Do you need an audit?

How is your application’s security? And what about the web? Do you have outdated technology that is reaching its limits? What are the problems encountered by your users? Before we fine-tune and test, a detailed audit might be in order. According to the result, you might decide on the development of a new solution and a giant leap ahead for your business.

Normally, we shoot to increase the overall
conversion rate by at least 35% within 3 months.
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What will Webvalley testing and optimization do for you?

Increased sales

give us time and through long-term testing we will raise your conversion rate. For an optimized website this might mean 15%, for other sites maybe more than 30%, it all depends on your traffic and current strategy among other key factors.

Decreased rate of abandonment

we will find out why a high percentage of visitors leave your site and will reduce this number. Users will no longer leave but will navigate through more pages, so you have a greater chance that they will convert.

Verified modifications

everything we change on your website or application will be pretested. Any permanent change will then will be tried and tested to get more orders and more satisfied users.

Faster returns

to build a mega project and wait a year for it to start earning is risky business. We start with a smaller platform so you can start earning money right away, then gradually expand and test.

Better security

online payments, user data, as well as premium content will be as secure as a bank vault. After the audit of your application and the server, we secure the data and its transfer so that there is no possible threat to your business.

We don’t stop at conversions

Perhaps your website or application has already reached its limits. Maybe a new landing page, sales letter and a more powerful server is in order. We'll link your ideas with our technology to create a profitable online business for you.

Do you want more conversions? Well then, we have a common goal!

„Most of our clients want to increase conversions knowing that yesterday may already be too late. But testing and especially analysis precedes optimization. We take care of long-term conversion growth with the most advanced tools and A/B testing of each modification. It has been said that 10% of investment in analytics goes to the tools, 90% into the people. Only an expert can evaluate the data correctly to reveal the all-important WHY.“


Online business is full of myths.
Let’s disprove them together.

Turn your idea into a profitable business

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