55% of visits are made with tablets and mobile phones. Do you need an application?

100 application downloads from Webvalley
12 users a month from one application
2 development platforms: iOS and Android
18 professional team members
24 hour response time

We make mobile applications that people use more often than Facebook

But we go about it step by step so you get your investment back immediately. The development of your application starts now.

I want an app from Webvalley

What is the business model of your app?

Do you have an idea but are unsure how to make it profitable? We'll discuss ways of monetizing your mobile application. Freemium, monthly fee, or a premium membership? We will advise you how to get the most users and paying customers at the same time. We will plan all stages of development.

We will design an app that will be enjoyable to use

Open, click and close. Using a mobile application is either frustrating or enjoyable. Webvalley’s UX team designs the latter. Once users have the app in their hands every day, bragging about it to their friends, they will be willing to pay for it. Let's go over the purpose of your application, how it will be used, and design a user interface that won’t get lost in the crowd.

A pretty app will attract the eyes – and the fingers

In our experience up to 30% of users select an app in the App Store according to how it looks. Of course, the reviews and price also factor in. Our UX team will design the functionality of the app, but the eye candy will be the work of our graphic designers. The application will attract attention, catch the eye and stand out from all the rest.

We will program your application for Apple as well as Android devices

Our team of developers will bring your app to life. After millions lines of code, we work fast. We will optimize it to save battery life, use minimum CPU power and memory, with the security of e-banking. Development of iOS, Android applications makes sense for your business and possibly we can implement an HTML5 cross-platform for you as well.

Application will be tested both technically and on end-users

Our testers will not leave it alone until it runs as fast as a marathon medalist at the peak of his career. Every MHz from the CPU, every MB of memory counts here. In addition, the app is tested on users and we track any opportunity for improvement. Is it easy to use? Is it intuitive? Can they easily set it up and complete what is needed? That's how we uncover errors that will be corrected prior to the release of the application.

Time to release, sell and regularly maintenance

Are we finished? We upload the mobile application to the App Store or Android Market and set up a regular maintenance and upgrade schedule. Webvalley will take care of future updates, new features, further optimization and other upgrades to the application.

We will give you a couple of new numbers.
Have Webvalley apps set records?
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What will your Webvalley-produced app look like?

First rate

it will thrill users and won’t get lost in the world of thousands of other apps. The application will profit from our experience in the US market and speak the language of your customers, while adapting to their local customs.


only using as much energy from a mobile device as it actually needs. No more. The last thing your users want is to tie-up their mobile device with an insatiable application.


it launches instantly and reacts immediately, never slowing down while it loads. This can only be handled with quality code and fine-tuned servers with which the application interacts.


has a life of up to 10 years. This does not mean that it will not be upgraded. On the contrary. Well written applications can be easily enhanced with new features and continually improved.


protected from hacker attacks. The mobile application, connection to online payments and our servers. Data users, premium content, and sensitive information will all be secure.

It’s one thing to develop an app, it’s quite another to make money with it

„We get many clients who have great ideas for mobile applications. Many features and improvements. But to develop it all at once would take a lot of time, eating away their budget. Meanwhile the competition will overtake it. We'd rather build a stable and workable base, add a fresh design and test it on actual users. The finished application is then upgraded and each enhancement tested first. That is the only way to make money from an app.“


Market constraints are sometimes difficult.
We know how to deal with them.

Turn your idea into a profitable business

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