We build websites, we develop applications and increase sales

20 web applications that handle millions of visits
32 web applications that handle millions of visits
24 million lines of code from the keyboards of our developers
32 hour response time
18 thoroughbred servers in the Webvalley stables

We build websites

8.5 million people visited Webvalley client sites hosted on our servers over the past month. We build sales websites, online applications and portals that can handle Super Bowl online traffic loads – if that is what you need. Usually we start small, so the return on your investment is immediate.

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We develop mobile applications

55% of all online traffic today is generated from mobile devices. At least in the USA. Tune up your mobile application while you have a head start. We develop apps for Apple, iOS and Google Android, with 98,000 thousand downloads to date. People use them maybe more than Facebook.

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We increase conversions

30% of potential sales. That’s how much you might be losing right now. Every year, people spend 23% more online than the previous year and Webvalley can take advantage of this for your website or app. We test and optimize for the long term. In three months we can raise your conversion rate by up to 35%.

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We train for the long race with short sprints in between. Will you run with us?

„Quality needs time, but working on a project for a year or so, without any cash flow prior the product launch will cost you a lot of time and double the money. The former is the cost, the latter is lost profit which you could have made with the minimum viable product (the light version). Which is why we break your project into milestones, so each step pays for itself. Thus there will be no shift in terms of supply delivery and your business grows without any risk involved.“


Are we looking at it the same way?

Well then, we have a common goal and path!

Turn your idea into a profitable business

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