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Venus Index

The Venus Index fulfills the dreams of millions of women around the world.

Venus Index

Thanks to its weight loss plans they achieve the perfect figure without extreme diet, unrealistic goals or dangerous exercises.

Venus Index

The shaping of an ideal body stems from long-term research by John Barban and Brad Pilon, authorities and leaders in the field. Most of today's programs and supplements are based on their research.

After our experience working on the Adonis project, we built a new version of its sister project - the Venus website from the ground up utilizing the power of modern technology. We designed it to be scalable in order to cope with traffic from millions of visitors each month and enable it to expand over the coming years. The website is 20 times larger than the Adonis project and is visited every month by over 3 million new people. Hosting the project and supervising it on our own servers enables us to guarantee availability and give immediate attention to even the smallest technical glitch.

What Venus customers think of our updates?

„Its good to refresh things in your mind, plus the new updates manual and trackers are great. I enjoyed looking at the site on different platforms. From the computer, my phone app (android smart phone), to my Ipad mini...each version of Venus was fresh to the eyes and really easy to navigate as well as sleek and stylish. Great job programmers and designers, and all the backdoor people at venus who keep this site running.“

Cattrah, London Outskirts, UK

How did the Webvalley team manage to get Venus in shape?

Website optimization

We rewrote the code of the original website, programming hundreds of thousands of lines of code and reduced the data size of all illustrations and graphics to enable faster page loading. A lot faster, which translates into more front end sales, and less annoyed customers in the clients section, which means less money spent on customer support.

Securing the client section

We have developed the client section of the site so that each online product is only accessible by a customer who has made a proper purchase. Usually such a type of content is obtainable by other means, but our solution eliminates most of those unwanted ways of attaining the products without paying for them first.

One Click Buy Online payment

ClickBank is the most widely used platform in the USA and partnering with them, we programmed a payment method whereby the customer doesn’t need to enter a card number. Just one click and the product is purchased.

The design

A team of graphic designers drafted a comprehensive proposal for the Venus sales pages and the entire client section. A new UX and design significantly increased the website conversion rate.

A/B Testing (Split Testing)

The work of graphic designers did not end with the new design. We are constantly developing additional elements and testing their influence on the conversion rate. By means of A/B testing we check the impact of different colors of the ´buy´ button, the logo and photographs.

Mobile applications

As an alternative to the web client section, we also built a mobile application for iOS and Android. We designed and implemented a full-functioning application that’s been downloaded by almost 90,000 users.

Increasing the conversion rate

We increased the website conversion rate by almost 32% in comparison with the original version. The high increase in conversion rate was achieved by a combination of the One Click Buy payment method and A/B testing.

Database acceleration

In addition to dealing with heavy traffic loads on the servers, we had to solve the problem of an outdated database in a CRM application that is tied to the client section of the site. We have optimized indexes as well as complex SQL queries and now there is nothing to slow the application down.

Website optimization

We wrote hundreds of thousands of lines of code and reworked the original site completely (“refactorization of the source code”). We reduced the size of all the illustrations as well. The result is that all of the front end pages load up to five times faster.

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