Thin From Within increases a person’s vitality, Webvalley increases the conversion rate

Thin From Within web

Thin From Within helps people get into a healthy lifestyle...

Thin From Within web

...implement good eating habits for better performance, rapid weight loss and to achieve a happy life full of vitality.

Thin From Within web

Each weight loss plan is based on research about healthy and unhealthy bacteria in the digestive tract and the benefits of probiotics and other foods. This research is has been conducted by John Barban, Brad Pilon and a few other people from the field.

When Webvalley started on the Adonis project, the website already had a client section as well as sales pages but everything was built on a simple OptimizePress template. At that time it was an average blog - with a great vision. But the website was not ready for high volumes of traffic, suffered from security issues and was not able to expand further. Therefore, we developed new sales pages with unique graphics, programmed the technology for a strong membership portal and moved the whole site onto our servers. With these changes, we are able to respond to every problem in less than two minutes.

How did our Webvalley team help Thin From Within to expand?

Website optimization

Over time, by refactoring, we rewrote the entire original source code with 100,000 lines of new code, speeding up page loads. We also reduced the data size of all illustrations and graphics.

Securing the client section

Usually online products are at risk from fraud and theft, without being legally purchased. We've secured the client section so that each product is only obtainable by a user who has properly purchased it.

One Click Buy Online payment

Clickbank is the most widely used payment platform in the USA. In cooperation with Clickbank we programmed the online products so they can be purchased with a single click. The user doesn’t need to even enter a card number. They just click and buy the product.

The design

The UX team and graphic designers started work on the new design of the sale pages and client section for registered users. A more modern appearance and environment significantly contributed to the increase in the conversion rate of the entire website.

A/B Testing (Split Testing)

To just implement a new design would deprive the project of continuous growth in their conversion rate. We regularly propose and test a combination of new features and their effect on sales. We fine-tune the colors of buy buttons, photos, logo, with any change A/B tested beforehand.

Increasing the conversion rate

We have gradually increased the website conversion rate by more than 24% in comparison with the original version of the site. The greatest influence on the conversion rate was the introduction of the One Click Buy payment system, the new design, and especially the rigorous A/B testing.

Other projects need to revive their vitality too

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