Even if Hot at Home is more for casual home use, the website needed professional help

Hot at Home web

Because Jackie wasn’t satisfied with her body image, she could not even look at herself in the mirror. She wanted to lose weight but hated going to the gym.

Hot at Home web

At one point, she realized that simple movements can be turned into exercises and eventually came up with a routine people can use at home. Today she has the figure she always wanted.

Hot at Home web

That was the birth of Hot at Home, which helps people achieve their dream figure, even though they hate to go to the gym as much as Jackie once did.

Webvalley took on the project when the site was built on Wordpress with several hundred pages. We needed to keep the content and transfer it all to the website. We rewrote code, built a new client section and customized the pages for mobile devices. Now our main goal is to increase the conversion rate for the site over the long term.

The Webvalley team went full-steam ahead on the project from the start

Securing the client section

The project's main business is selling online products. Access to products as well as the client section was secured so that it is accessible only to customers who purchased the products properly. Thanks to new security measures, there is no way for anyone else to gain access and steal the product without paying for it. After our experience from the past 2 years building businesses in the industry and seeing how vulnerable certain systems are against hackers we’ve also added some layers of extra security just to keep all the data safe.

One Click Buy Online payment

For the client section, we have incorporated our favorite and recently developed One Click Buy online payment method in cooperation with Citibank, which is the most widely used payment platform in the USA in this industry. The user just clicks and purchases products repeatedly without having to enter payments and personal details again.

The design

A team of graphic designers and their colleagues from the UX Department supplied the project with a new interface and tested the design on real users. Then we tuned up the web image, its client section and gradually proposed changes that are always tested first.

A/B Testing (Split Testing)

A change of the color of a buy button, different photos (more emotional and targeted) or new payment method can have a huge impact on the conversion rate of a website (sometimes even in tens of percent. Over the long term, we're trying to change, add or subtract elements to improve the site, but any change is first A/B tested before it is fully implemented.

Mobile applications

In addition to web responsiveness we designed, programmed and tested a mobile application for iOS and Android. Users thus have their exercise programs always at hand, even on their smart phones. So they are never left hanging when at the gym trying to remember what they were supposed to do next.

Increasing the conversion rate

The main task of Webvalley is to increase the conversion rate over the long term for the site, as well as increasing sales of other products in the client section of the application. We use A/B testing, editing, graphics and have implemented the Buy One Click payment method, which was a big help.

Migration of old data

The original site was built on Wordpress and included hundreds of pages of valuable content that we had to package better into a more easy to use format. Keeping and migrating the data without any loss was a top priority. We programmed the scripts and the old templates were then automatically transferred to the new design and framework.

Webvalley produced better results for other projects, too

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