What do Webvalley and American rapper Flo Rida have in common? The FLO FIT Project!

Flo Fit web

The face of the FLO FIT project is American singer and rapper Flo Rida.

Flo Fit web

Who has 19 million Facebook fans and almost 6 million followers on Twitter. The rapper works hard on his physique but FLO-FIT allows people to adapt his intense exercise regimen and get in shape quickly.

Flo fit web

The video workout sessions are streamed via both a Web application, as well as mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Webvalley has been working on FLO FIT since the very beginning. This allowed us to build a solid foundation and scale the technology according to traffic density and lay the groundwork for future expansion. We’ve designed a brand new graphics for the site, programmed a membership portal for FloFit clients. Our team also developed mobile applications where users can play training videos and easily follow their workout and meal plans. The sales pages as well as the client section have been built from scratch based on target research and the client’s needs. Our current focus is on testing with the ultimate goal of increasing the website’s conversion rate.

The development of the web application

We built the sales pages, client section and mobile application from the ground up and worked to increase the streaming speed of tutorial videos. The developers wrote over 200,000 lines of code - and it was worth it!

Website optimization

FLO-FIT is prepared to handle traffic from millions of visitors each month, but millions of unique visits put a huge load on video streams. To write good code would not be enough. We worked to debug each query, retrieve graphics and speed up responses.

Securing the client section

Online products and videos are accessible only by users who have purchased them, this is often a security problem. We’ve secured the client section, so user login and the online purchase system uses the best technology available.

One Click Buy Online payment

We have already calculated what the impact on the conversion rate has been by simplifying online purchases. By simplifying the payment method to just a single click, there is no need for the user to enter card details. We use Clickbank, the most popular platform in the USA, with some of our best tweaks to maximize the revenue and ROI of the whole project.

The design

Our UX team and graphic designers have been very thorough in their designs. The client supplied his own research, so they could build on hard data, and the time saved was devoted to proposals and design creation. Unique graphics were made for the web, the client section and mobile applications.

A/B Testing (Split Testing)

Each change is tested regularly and for long term use prior to deployment on the website. By means of A/B testing we check the effect on the conversion rate when changing graphics, buttons, pictures, copy and everything else. Only after thorough testing and with solid data in hands do we make a permanent change.

Mobile applications

An important part of the project are mobile apps for iOS and Android. Created by our top developers from the first designs to fully-working versions that are used to play tutorial videos and implement training programs.

Increasing the conversion rate

The main task for Webvalley is to increase the conversion rate over the long term. We implemented the One Click Buy payment system, introduced trusted graphics and added mobile applications, while continuing to come up with new ideas and test them right away.

Other projects also required intensive results

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