Although Eat Stop Eat recommends a day of fasting, its website can’t afford to take a break.

Eat Stop Eat web

The Eat Stop Eat book triggered a worldwide boom using fasting to promote weight loss.

Eat Stop Eat web

Eat Stop Eat helps people overcome the slow progress of shaping their figure and accelerates it by utilizing fasting. This weight-loss program is built around a 24-hour fast once a week.

Eat Stop Eat web

Although it sounds too simple to be true, it is supported by years of research and dozens of tried-and-tested publications by Brad Pilon, an authority in the field and the designer of many best selling fitness supplements.

Brad handed this project to the us, the Webvalley team after he already had his sales pages completed. We developed the whole client section with unique graphics, added increased security and moved the site to our own servers that feature load-balancing infrastructure. This allows us to comfortably handle high-density traffic from millions of visitors, protect the data and servers from hackers, and respond to any potential problem within two minutes. The project is ongoing as we test each modification, with the common goal we share with the client - to increase the conversion rate of the site.

How we got Eat Stop Eat into shape?

Website optimization

It took developers 150,000 lines of code to complete the client section of the website. It loads lightning-fast, is perfectly secure, and customers can make product purchases with just one click.

Securing the client section

Each online product is only accessible by the user who made the purchase properly. Similar content is often difficult to secure in order to ensure it is not accessed without being noticed and to prevent it from being shared. We solved this problem.

One Click Buy Online payment

Clickbank is the most widely-used payment platform in the USA. Working with them, we developed a simple online payment method whereby the user makes a product purchase with a simple click. There is no need enter card numbers or fill out forms each time the customer makes a purchase.

The design

The most noticeable change is the work done by our UX team and graphic designers. Users of the client section have everything neatly laid out for them. The design of the website is easy to navigate and makes a trustworthy impression on customers. All proposed ideas have been tested.

A/B Testing (Split Testing)

The UX team gathers suggestions from users, proposes a concept and graphic designers draft the design. But it doesn’t end there. We continually work on changes and each of them is A/B-tested. Different button colours, photos and logos.

Increasing the conversion rate

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This is our plan to increase the conversion rate and sales in the client section of a website. This is achieved through A/B testing, the One Click Buy method and improvements in graphics.

Server solution

Though our experience with similar projects, we scale the technology aimed at a high-density traffic for millions of users per month. Hosting on our own servers with load-balancing infrastructure guarantees that the site will never slow down.

Other projects have switched to the Webvalley diet too

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