Adonis increases its conversion rate by 30%. A new UX, design and testing methods increased conversions by a third


thousand satisfied customers


higher conversion rate


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Adonis Index web

The Adonis Index is one of the largest online fitness businesses. It helps men from all over the world achieve the perfect body through engaging programs, weight-loss plans and body building.

Adonis Index web

What is the key to their success? An ideal mathematical formula which was developed after years of research by John Barban and Brad Pilon.

Adonis Index web

Most programs and supplements on the market today are based on the work of these industry leaders.

When Webvalley started on the Adonis project, the website already had a client section as well as sales pages but everything was built on a simple OptimizePress template. At that time it was an average blog - with a great vision. But the website was not ready for high volumes of traffic, suffered from security issues and was not able to expand further. Therefore, we developed new sales pages with unique graphics, programmed the technology for a strong membership portal and moved the whole site onto our servers. With these changes, we are able to respond to every problem in less than two minutes.

The Webvalley team put all their effort into the Adonis project

Website optimization

We wrote hundreds of thousands of lines of code and reworked the original site completely (“refactorization of the source code”). We reduced the size of all the illustrations as well. The result is that all of the front end pages load up to five times faster.

Securing the client area

We created an impregnable fortress in the client area so that each online product is accessible only to the user who makes the purchase properly.

One Click Buy online payment

ClickBank is the most widely used payment platform in the USA in this industry. In cooperation with Clickbank we programmed a solution whereby a customer does not even need their credit card details. They just click and the purchase is complete, very much like Apple’s app Store offers. This single “add-on” has increased revenue dramatically.

The design

We developed new graphics for the sales pages and client section. The design was user-tested and after going live, we continue to experiment with changes and their impact on conversion rates. We also consulted with the Adonis Community Influencers and top users to develop the most user friendly environment possible.

A/B Testing (Split Testing)

We designed and tested the newest elements so that changes in the graphics would increase the conversion rate of the website. We tested different colors for the ´buy´ button, the logo and photos.

Mobile applications

After the initial research in the customer base, from the first sketches, to uploading into app store, we designed and developed a mobile application on both Android and iOS platforms. And we’ve thoroughly tested after hitting each milestone. So far, the application has well over 98,000 downloads.

Increasing the conversion rate

We have increased the conversion rate by 30%, compared to the original version of the website, by combining the One Click Buy payment method and our A/B testing methods. A long-term increase in conversion rates is our strategic goal.

Server solution

High-density traffic from hundreds of thousands or sometimes even millions of users a month used to overload the server. To correct this, we applied a load-balancing infrastructure to distribute traffic between more servers.

Database acceleration

The old CRM was slowing down the application so we modified the internal indexes as well as complex SQL queries within the database. The CRM and application now both work at lightning speed.

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